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someone on here copied my url and added one extra ‘m’ at the end

ive had this url for years find your own

love how everyone thinks me and my friend Evelyn are either lesbians or the same person

never had a friend like that before and it’s awesome

just remembered Ben called me a ratchet thot today

i completely spaced on that hmm

2 of my friends had their babies this week! it’s weird and exciting at the same time idk

I’m feeling super awkward bc my sister is in love with the magcon boys and I just found out that I’m older than most of them

like I’m not used to being older than “teenage heartthrobs” and it makes me realize that I’m getting older like what

i have so many snapchats of people and dicks drawn on them it’s basically my entire photo album

so my high school’s football team really sucks right and sometimes the players get really upset when you mention it but sometimes when one player will say or do something stupid at any time another player will say “and this is why we suck” and it just makes so happy to see them be able to laugh at themselves

sitting outside of my house in my car
just went all the way to my grandparents old house/neighborhood and drove by
there were cars in the driveway and the garage door was open
I miss them

was looking through old yearbooks for hall of fame inductees for my high school today and found a yearbook from 1926 and one of the inductees is class of 1873 

holey shit my school is old it’s so cool

and grace was basically fangirling the entire period which was fun lol

there is something so simply perfect about small imperfections

my mom’s coworker asked me why I wanted to major in journalism and my response seemed to have surprised her

bc the truth is I’m not 100 percent certain I just want to travel the world and write down my experiences